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New gimmicks...bosses...Tails/Amy ai...missions...Mini games?

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Ok gimmicks was the last thing on my mind at the time but I came up with 3 CheezKrisp helped me will another one. I'm not telling what they are. Shadows and knuckles boss has been fully coded using 3 attacks. I played arounld with Tails ai and now he will help you out abit buy attacking enemys is he's near one. Then I play with him so an made amy for a new mission thats not fully done yet. For missions you will see collect 100 Rings, the 3-5 min racing and the returning Eggman chasing that was in the old engine. Also a new idea game up so now mach speed will apper in the demo and as a mini game. Another mini game is snowboarding. t=There will maybe some mini mods that give out more levels and other charaters then sonic and shadow. well thats all for to day.

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