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New sprites...Level 1 remade...Main and character select menu added...new screen shots...

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Theres alot of new edits sprites coming up like Shadow with shades and older Tails. Main and character select menu was a real pain to make and its till not done but it will do for now. I had to remake level 1 act 1 and 2 because I deleted it by a accident but it was a mess anyway. Thanks to my side project I revealed part of my story.
beginning...It takes place 5 years from Sonic Unleashed. Sonic runs after eggman again but finds that Shadow is working for him.(boss battle)Sonic then finds out shadow was under mind control...

Some where near the end...They find out theres 1 more chaos emeralds... The Dark emerald.

At the end...The 8 chaos emeralds brake it to tiny shards beginnging of sonic whirlwind: online

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