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wall jumping added...Entering SAGE this year... sage only levels started...New sprites...New video and screenshots coming soon...

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after 3 weeks in to making the game I didnt know how to get homing attack to work... so I was going to make a remix to sonic 1, but then came Sonic4K6 with his engine release, who's also was making a fan game in sonic worlds 0.1. So I used is homing attack and gave them credit. then out of that I found a way to make wall jumping work. And also thanks to Hey-Pi-Ron for letting me use his sonic, silver, shadow that tutorial "?" thingy and Item sprites. And maybe with the gun sprites "shadow whirlwind anybody". yea right Im not going to do that. I will be entering SAGE this year so I will have a SAGE only demo with 3 mission and also a tutorial level as a small game to tell you what to do.

I'm also working on a side project code name "sonic battle arena". The game is an mmorpg the story will have something to do with sonic whirlwind and some of the places will be in it as well. I plan on releasing it next year. I will post some screenshots and videos of it late fall. I all so have to make a new site for sage.

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