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New comers enter to find out who.Some adds New game play...missions added...NPCs started...

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wow this was a quick update...Its becaues I have no school this week.
Anyway... Tails is 20% done I just felt like showing him off. He will be able to fly and use his tails as a melee attack. for the new comers Silver and Blaze I never really thought of adding them but I found there sprites. Silver will be using his powers to fly and shoot things blaze will be just like sonic but with out homing attack. She will shoot fire.The race Eggman mission is done. The point is to hit him 3 times before he gets to the end of the level. the get 100 rings. I really don't have to say anything about it... And also destroy 5 badnics. Just kill 5 of them and the level will end. I started working on the npcs as well. They just sit there and look at you now but later I will make some of them walk around the place You can also talk to them.

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