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Died?...Skill Card system...Sonic only playable...First 2 Zone look

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ok you may not know this but the game died for some time now...and for a after, a long 2 weeks I got a Better Engine, thanks to Password for his "Big" role. I owe him one big time. but anyway I plan on making the game sonic only cause of the skill Card system from sonic battle, plus the fact that I'm lazy. The Skill Card system is made to add on to sonics game play or to make him look cooler. Say if you don't like sonics plan old spindash..well now you can use the new gen spindash to replace it. And for Levels... Zone 1 it will be beachy. It will seem like the old one but a lot better and not slow at all. As for zone 2 it will be a Mix of sonic Adv 1 and 3 levels that
will have multiple paths and make you go back so no more hold right and
jump(unless you hack). oh yea the leveling system will make a return for skill cards. cause you can just pick out some good cards with out a limit. maybe even more things will show up in next update, it could even be recolors, so see you soon.

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