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Today I'm working on things like rails, shadow(character)and fixing bugs. all of the effects are done(motion bur, Sonic jump/boosting and ring fade)...

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Today I'm working on rails. Its just I'm trying to find a way for it to work without pressing down(which make sonic/shadow spin). I just got the goal ring working. It shows the Time and Rings. Before my first test demo I want to have wall-jumping and most of the bugs fixed. Like the Homing attack. he cant just use homing attack straight out of a spin dash. Same thing for side springs. all of the effects are done(motion bur, Sonic jump/boosting ring fading). I plan on posting some sonic worlds 0.1 tutorials. I'm also getting new running sprites from TarnishPrower. I also have I add water again because my old engine (sonic worlds 0.3) had it but I had to many things not needed. So now I have to port every thing to it. one more thing don't ask me if there's going to be mission mode in the beta.. Yes people...mission mode is going to in the beta. Thank you. That's all for today.

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