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We (Super Icon) have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for our Life of Pixel game. Basically Life of Pixel is a game that we made because we love 8-bit gaming, we grew up with it and really wanted to do a proper tribute to that era. It is a platformer where you play within a number of classic 8-bit machines, including all their graphical and sound limitations.

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Jump, Jump, Jump for Joy!

Husband and wife team Richard and Claire Hill-Whittall at Super Icon Limited have today launched their first Kickstarter campaign; Life of Pixel.

Super Icon is a London based independent games development studio comprising of a core team of three, who have decided to use the fantastic opportunity of a Kickstarter campaign to bring their critically acclaimed game Life of Pixel to a wider audience.

Life of Pixel is a retro platform game with a difference – not only do you get to play a highly addictive fun game; you also take a journey through the early history of gaming, visiting a wide range of classic 8-bit game machines including ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Atari 2600, C64, Amstrad CPC, BBC Micro, Gameboy & NES.
The goal of the campaign is to acquire funding of £10,000 to bring the Life of Pixel adventure to new platforms, includingPC, Mac, iOS and Android. Stretch Goals include OUYA, Wii-U and PS3 versions with the aim of taking Pixel to a wide audience and spreading the love for ancient home game computers and consoles!

Super Icon chose Kickstarter as a way of getting Life of Pixel onto different platforms because of the wide audience reach, “this game will not only appeal to gamers, but also to artists, musicians, culture lovers, it really does span a wide range of interests” commented Claire. Having already self-funded the development and release of Pixel on Playstation®Mobile, a lot of the risk has been eliminated, “we just now need that last bit of help to get Life of Pixel onto other platforms” noted Richard.


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