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Hello, my name is David, and as you may know by now, I am the Project Director of Enraged Entertainment. We will be talking about our latest map concepts as well as our ideas for this map.

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Today, I will be talking about our latest map in progress which is set in the Atacama Desert. Recently, we have talked to our Lead Concept Artist(Jeff Yu) about how we keep changing map ideas. We have started off with a map set in a swamp, moved from a swamp to a map set in Tokyo, and from Tokyo to a map set on a Harbor. Well now, with this map, we know we can do something much greater, and at a greater scale.

The Atacama Desert -

The Atacama Desert is a strip of land along the Pacific Coast, covering about 600 miles of land. It is known to be one of the hottest, and most driest deserts in the world. Rather than using all 600 miles, we thought we should scale the map down a bit, but incorporate a special "Enraged" touch to it by applying all 3 map ideas into one map. Liberico is set in the year 2040, and on our Earth, this Atacama Desert features a tiny island with a Harbor, that is right across from the Atacama Desert, which also has a Harbor built as well. The map will then incorporate a little city near the bay area, as well as a swamp in a small section of the map.

Focus Point -

So you may be asking, with a map as large as this, don't you think the game-play will be very slow-paced and boring? Well, I'm sorry to put your question down, but that will not be the case. We plan to incorporate a game-mode that makes the map more linear, where the Liberico faction is invading (their base being the island), while the KRM faction is defending (their base being the Harbor right across from the island). So the main focus point of the map will start out at the section of the map shown in the picture below. We will explain later, in a future news post how the focus point can change. For now, take a look at a view of the island from the Harbor/Bay area.

Future Updates -

For now, this map is still in the concept phase. We are currently creating concepts of each focus point on the map. After this, we will begin to create concepts of buildings, vegetation, etc. so we can begin the modeling phase, and finally move onto the level design phase. We will keep you guys updated with this map. I will say however, that we are working on the over-all terrain/shape of the map. We will release pictures soon of the terrain.

End Report -

Well that is all for today's news report! As you can see, we're still working on a map,
and we will continue to try our best to accomplish our goals. I hope you
guys enjoyed our recent news report, please spread the word about
Liberico, and visit our facebook page for continuous uploads of progress
@ Facebook.com

RAMPAGE572 - - 23 comments

Looks nice cant wait to see footage of it, if the map gets made

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Enraged-Ent Author
Enraged-Ent - - 24 comments

I'm confident in that it will be made. ;)

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RAMPAGE572 - - 23 comments

Nice :)

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