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We're taking the long steps out into the actual building of levels. A bit about our progress and time schedule as well.

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Level Editor

A soon-to-be finished level-editor is soon at the hands of our designers and levels are bound to appear in a near future on our Facebook, Twitter and here on IndieDB. As of right now the editor is in its early stages and we can place out our props and collisions. In the picture you can see how we work with collisions(the white parts) and playing around with some walls to check how it works.

pasted image at 2016 02 08 03 46 1
*Please note that this is not the final editor

Progress and Time Schedule

This week the first prototype that was made is scheduled to be remade in our editor with the new graphics. The editor is to be done today and that leaves us with two days to create a new version of the prototype. We really want to have it done in one day though since we are going to attend NärCon this weekend. NärCon is a swedish meet-up for everyone who likes things related to anime and games and is also a host for one of swedens largerst cosplay events. That being said we are going to crunch out a good enough level for everyone to enjoy and also use the early feedback to see if something is missing or feel out of place.

We have also finished making the splitscreen and player physics. This was something that took a lot of time and came out just as we wanted it. As stated above there will be more things posted and not only levels. You'll be seeing a lot of videos and gameplay in the coming weeks. The things that are left are power-ups and actually making the levels. As of right now, we have four weeks of effective work left, and according to our plan everything will work out with a bit of space for errors and editing.

Here you get a peak at an early mock-up of what we are aiming for, this is not the final product but more of a direction for ourselves:

Mockup 1

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