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BROKEN MIND is an action Survival Horror. Investigate, solve the puzzles and find out what happened to Laura Campbell. Today, I would like to talk about the gameplay of BROKEN MIND.

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BROKEN MIND Splashcreen

Hello everybody, I'm Tony from 2BAD GAMES, I'm about to launch my new game BROKEN MIND.
Today, I would like to talk about the gameplay of BROKEN MIND.

BROKEN MIND is an Action Survival Horror. It brings together all aspects of the genre.

In BROKEN MIND, you'll play Agent Frank Morgan, a detective with a dark past.
You will have to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl who was abducted.
You'll have to find clues and items to solve this case.

Of course, like in all the Survival Horror, you'll need to solve few puzzles and mini games to progress.
Using objects can start a QTE to do certain actions such as unscrewing, lockpicking or forcing a door etc...

You'll have to explore the levels to find hidden ressources.
Your ressources such as ammo and medkits will be limited, so you'll have to use them carefully.

During some part of the game you'll have the opportunity to play a second character.
Compared to Frank Morgan, this character cannot fight, so you'll have to hide from your enemies.
You can use wardrobes or lockers to hide from them, these scenes will add a lot of tension!

Thanks for reading, next week I'll talk about the fight scenes !

BROKEN MIND will be available June 21, 2022 for 9.99$
on XboxOne, XboxSeries, NintendoSwitch, PlayStation4 & PlayStation5


BROKEN MIND fps hospital

BROKEN MIND game puzzle

BROKEN MIND survival puzzle

BROKEN MIND fps strange


BROKEN MIND fps stealth

Hope you like my game!

Do not hesitate to follow me on my twitter @2badgames, I try to post news every days

if you have any questions do not hesitate !

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