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Let's get it all straightened out

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GOOD.... Let's get it all straightened out....


Honestly, NO (except in beta testing) but for the rest I want to get by. For the voice actors, I'll do it by myself. As a friend told me (which I won't mention) you have to know how to manage and be autonomous. The game will be done solo. All the sound, models and programming, I'll do it alone. (I use Blender, Construct 2, Paint.net, photofilter and FL studio)

NO, no fnaf content in "Rasko the dark madness" (except the 5 nights) but in "Rasko the dark madness" we didn't hear the word "restaurants, animatronics, phone guy, ultimate custom nights, newspapers, flash light, cam, door, mask and panel ect". All you'll see is content invented by me and the game is not on earth but in another planet, so it's other imaginary technology invented by me (there may be some who will be inspired by the movies) ok, there will be a drone, but that's it. IT'S NOT ANIMATRONIC, but Aeroids. Aeroids are robots in an artistic subform, that they help us in our daily life (basically they help us in our task or they keep us company). So for the saga, no "ultimat custome night", there wouldn't even be a "custom night" but a "night challenge" and no, it's not the same thing, a "custom night" is a custom night "night challenge", you have to choose a random challenge with groups of Aeroids (put random), well there's also that in a "custom night", but it's not the same thing. A halloween edition, maybe, but not for chapter 1, but for chapter 2, we'll see.

There will be VERY FEW horror cliches (it's hard to invent) but I plan to invent my own (but it's not easy).


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