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As an indie game dev, I've been working hard on modeling the main character for my school project. It's been a challenging but rewarding experience, and I'm excited to bring my vision to life!

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As an indie game developer, creating a main character is an essential and exciting part of the game development process. As part of my school project, I have been working hard on modeling the main character for my game.

Designing a character is not just about making it look good, but also about giving it a personality and backstory that players can relate to. The process starts with sketching out ideas on paper and then refining them on the computer. Once I have a solid design, I move on to creating a 3D model.

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Modeling a character is a time-consuming process that requires attention to detail. It involves sculpting the character's body and adding textures to create a realistic look. I have spent countless hours tweaking the model to make sure it looks just right.

One of the most challenging aspects of creating a character is making it move realistically. I have been working on rigging the character, which involves adding a skeleton and control points to enable movement. This allows the character to move in a natural and believable way, which is crucial for player immersion.

Overall, modeling the main character has been a challenging but rewarding experience. It has allowed me to flex my creative muscles and bring my vision to life. I am excited to continue working on my game and bringing my character to the world.

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