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Post news RSS Lavanda Districts Exploration continues, and Easter Event is up

The exploration of the fallen kingdom of Lavanda goes deeper, with the exploration of the North District, and finally being able to reach the Settlement. Meanwhile, Easter Bunnies will begin hiding eggs throughout the world between March 26th and April 23th.

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Lavanda North District

Filled with hungry zombies, Lavanda North District contains soldiers from both sides of the war, facing each other eternally. Those zombies will devour anything that comes near them in order to try satiating their hunger. Be careful when exploring this place.

There's also demons roaming around the field, looking for someone.Who could it be? There is no way of finding out, but I doubt they will accept "I don't know" as answer.

Lavanda Settlement

Located past Lavanda North District, is the settlement, where the few survivors are located, alongside volunteers trying to help pacify the fallen kingdom.
A representative of the Guild Academy is also found here, should you be willing to take jobs and help improve the safety of Lavanda.

A Token of Gratitude by Gavea Kingdom.

The Gavea Kingdom will show their gratitude to any guilds that help repelling Gelking at least 5 times.You will be rewarded with a couple of Gavea Guards that you can have as a guild member.
Those guards are the first companions you can actually give a name during the Guild Applications window, so feel free to name them. Just do be careful when naming them.Currently, they only have one combat technique, but in the future I'll add another one, and also possibly improve their skills selection.

Blocking System

Some combat techniques and items now give Block Rate.Block Rate is an independent chance of either completely nullifying an attack received, if the attacker is of the same size or smaller than the one receiving it; or reducing the damage received if the attacker is bigger than the one receiving the attack.
I believe this will make melee combatants be more resistant in combat, so it's benefitial to have that in the game.The only melee combatant that doesn't have Block Rate on its combat technique is Benny.

A little bit more livelier world

A few npcs were added to the game maps. Some can even be found inside towns on some points.I also added a new npc to Gavea Training Camp, which introduces new guilds to the possibility of sitting down to restore health.
Can't really ignore such a important feature, right?

Mail and Events System

A system for in-game mailing and events has been implemented on the game.Those will be used by the game as the necessities surges, like the case bellow.

Easter Event (March 26th to April 23th)

A Easter Event will be happening on the days above.Currently, the only things the event will do, is spawn Easter Eggs on the maps, and also Lapins.
Maybe next weeks I can have something to improve the event, and possibly release it before it's over.And maybe we'll have a new guild member by then too.
Anyways, the event will always happen during Easter holiday seasons, and will repeat every year, so at least the easter egg hunting will be a thing.
Maybe Bun can end up being the host of the Easter event. Only one way of finding out.Who's Bun? Ah, you'll meet him somehow.

Change Log

Flame Breath skill will now take the target position before it begins launching the fire waves, instead of before it begins channeling.
Benny's Peddler combat technique got an attack speed boost.
Skills like Bash, Charge, Double Punch and a number of other skills, will now cause the aggro percentage change on the affected targets, instead of giving the boost temporarily to the character.
=> The Threat system also affects the view range monsters towards the character. When using certain skills, like Bash, was causing aggressive monsters far away from your character to target them.
Changed the bridges from Gavea Sewers, for a lower one.
=> Didn't fixed the issue with the bridge drawing on top of characters.
Added a statue to Gavea Square.
Fixed again crash related to npcs being hidden during dialogues.
Minions will now follow their owners through cutscenes.
Added decimals to item weight.
=> Many material items now weight less than 1, so you can carry 10 times as many of that item than you could before.
Fixed an issue where skills like Discount and Overcharge weren't having their effects being applied.
Kiki will no longer attempt to heal injured monsters.
Benny is now a Beast type companion.
Increased Evasion boost from Umbra's Swordsman combat technique.
A new quest will pop up on Gavea Bounty Board once you help repel Gelking 5 times.
=> Due to a issue with how the game treated quest completion counting before the update, if you've helped repel Gelking, will only count as having done only once.
Peekers no longer causes flinching and neither makes their target face them when attacked.
Added a button to hide interface, when you're checking the guild information on the main menu.
=> Now you can share how big your guild is.
Arena Master Kiko got horns on his head.
You can no longer stack Gelking's Rod.
=> You can unstack those weapons from the storage in your guild shack.
Gelking will no longer change the direction he's facing when attacked.
Triple Attack skill now refreshes flinch on targets.
Block System implemented.
=> Some combat techniques and items will have Block chance.
=> When an attack is blocked, it will negate all damage from attackers of the same size or smaller than the victim.
=> If the attacker is bigger than the victim, it will instead reduce the damage received from the attack.
Disabled the scale change effect of the Haste effect when the character is stopped.
=> It looked really ugly.
Stench debuff will no longer cause monsters it inflict Fear debuff to aggro the one with it.
Added a few more npcs to Gavea.
Added a npc to the Training Camp which explains combat influencing status.
You can now see the status changes your Combat Technique does on your character on the combat technique infos window.
Gavea Guards will now make a comment during Full Moon nights.
=> They wont comment during Blood Moons.
Nerfed Bronze armor weight.
Added a blood spilling effect to some combat technique attacks.
=> I still need to add that to monsters too.
Lavanda North District and Lavanda Settlement are now accessible.
=> They're accessed past Lavanda Wall.
=> Be careful, Lavanda North District is dangerous.
=> You will be able to return to Lavanda Settlement after you introduce yourself to Guild Academy Representant Calypso.
Added a mail system to the game.
=> You can access your mail box on the guild hall.
=> Clicking it will allow you to check your mailbox.
=> Loading a existing save will get you a mail message introducing to the system.
=> This mail system will be useful for when events, quests or npcs forward something to you.
Added a event tracker to the game.
=> That event tracker is also visible on the guild hall.
=> It will let you know when a event is happening right now.
=> Currently, it only displays if an event is happening right now. In the future, clicking it will open a calendar.
Easter event is running.
=> This event will happen every year, and will run for 28 days. The day it will happen depends on when Easter happens in the year.
=> This year, the event will run between March 26th and and April 23th.
=> Easter Eggs and Lapins will spawn on all maps during the event.
=> You will receive a mail when the event begins.
Fixed a bug that could cause the game to store items over than the allowed stack in the inventory.

You can download the update from this page:


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Link can be found on the page posted above.

Enjoy :)

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