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The launch of the title, " GALAXY GATE ". We bring you the first glimpse of what we are about as a game development crew.

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Welcome all, to the first post on ModDB. Today we will give you the introduction to the title and what we as a company stand for and our plan to bring this title from the white board to the PC. Please read all before donating or decide to not donate. Please read and take a look around. There will be constant updates on here as well as Facebook:

Donations here: Gofundme.com


My name is Steven Scott Andrews II and I am a game developer from the small town of LaGrange,GA. I am a college student on his way to getting a degree in computer programming and game design. The game is crowd funded by the community of gamers on ModDB/Facbook/Youtube/gofundme/kickstarter.

The go fund me page is at the bottom and is currently where you should go to donate, kickstarter is a bit more serious so after we establish a small goal we will move from there into the bigger stages of creating the company. Right now we are focused on just bring the game out to the public to determine if this is even going to require large servers to run. Right now we are in development (server software and gui, login servers, main server) etc. The game is in the works but there is not enough content at the moment to show game play video because it all subject to change as money comes in and we have a budget for other developers to join.


Question and Answers:Q&A

Q: what will the donations be used for?

A: Servers ( either server space or the actual hardware ), New isp/charges, business fees, legal fees.

Q: What if you get more donations than requested?

A: If the donations get to much meaning more than the cost of the game, we will use the rest to build the rest of the company or re donate. Really its up to the community because this is a game made by the people for the people.

Q: Where is the content?

A: We are in development at the moment, server software is on its way to being done in the next week or so. Meaning game play may be a month away or sooner, just depends on if we hit any snags

Q: Will there be an alpha or beta?

A: At the moment there is talk about both. Donors get to play the alpha builds as they are updated until the beta. The beta is for everyone, so no one is neglected from playing it. Must have an account.

Q: Where can I donate??

A: HERE: Gofundme.com

-- questions by guests.

Q:Will this game use procedural systems?

A:Procedural systems is not written in the game code but its our key feature that we are going to base the MMO portion off of. We have some copyright concerns at the moment with it. It seems that there are several companies with a patent on the formulas. So we are trying to speak to some lawyers.

Q: bases and factions ?

A: Yes there will be cities, towns, space stations, other locations that you can visit in game and live in. There will be AI people in towns and such as well. So it wont be a lonely game at all. You will frequently see players. Pk is legal in game sense but there are police and its their job to catch you.

There are 2 factions, both are not in the best of conditions in the game. One is rich and powerful as well invasive, the other is poor and rugged and more out law.

Q: player owned empire?

A: cool idea bro ^^, no but you can own a company. A company is many online players working together to complete their goals in the galaxy. Some mine, some fish, some trade.

Q: fighting?

A: fighting is done in and out of ships.

Q: ships?

A: ships are single man all the way up to 25+ actual users or AI working together to pilot the ship and do various tasks.

Q: Progression?

A: The goal of the game is either to explore or be wealthy. Kind of the moral to the game really.

Q: what game types ?

A: MMO, PVP(4v4 and 8v8 shooter), PVP flight, So there are 3 base modes. There are many more game modes in them that are new and interesting.


Some introduction to the universe that is GALAXY GATE

The rise of the great war... 2220 to 2320

in the year 2220 the population was at an all time high estimated at 11.5 billion, the economy was booming, and space exploration was the way of the future. On august, 15th in the year 2221 war begun against the west over mining rights of asteroid and the moon Phobos. Nations rose up against one another and began to take sides. War spread like a forest fire, burning and scorching all they lay in its path. As the fire of war raged many years passed in the wake. Leaving millions dead, Without food or water, and economies left in shambles. After 100 years of war a new power arose in the solar system.

The reconstruction era .. 2330 - 2500

The Federation rose to power after all the nations of earth decided to stop the war. At the end of the war the human population on earth was 8.5 billion. 4 billion people where departed during the conflict. The federation started the reconstruction of earth and started. For the next 170 years earth was in the process of rebuilding cities and infrastructures. Times where better than during the war but poverty was the norm in the solar system. In 2330 the Federation decided to cultivate mars after many failed attempts in the past. By 2500 mars was cultivated and owned by the Federation.

The golden age... 2500 to 2850

As technology expanded and as people began to spread out into the local solar system the Federation set its sights on other solar systems surrounding us. The Federation payed anyone willing to be an explorer their weight in gold. Explorers from all over took to space to lay claim for the Federation on anything they landed on. population during this time is at 20 billion (11 on earth and 10 on mars).

The great divide..2850

The Federation split into parties... The 2 main parties where at war in the senate with each other. A military coup was thrown together to take over the senate. The coup failed and a new power then arose. The Collective is a ruthless monarchy style dictatorship and the forceful hand of god in the universe. The Collective took power in Alpha Centaui system. Its an outlaw system today. Its not to far away from mars, but if you are part of the Federation that location is restricted.

Earths Death.. 2900

In the year 2900 the earth was destroyed by the ( Near Earth Galaxy Gate or NEGG ) had a melt down due to a freighter ship that hyper jumped just 2000 yards from the gate. The people of earth were evacuated as fast as the government could possibly move them. about 4 billion people are unaccounted for... Our hearts hang heavy with regret.. Our hearts go out to the families of the dead...

The age of the star roamers.. Present day Mars 3070

It is customary on mars to get your first glider when you turn 18. Many people are poor on mars so many mothers send their children off to the Federation when they become of age others go off to find adventure and start their lives in the galaxy.

There are over 100 solar systems in 3070 that are inhabited by humans. The human population is impossible to track at the current time but its estimated at well over 30 billion. Due to the limited warp of your drives GALAXY GATES are high volume traffic jumps that allow you to fly light years in seconds.


this may be subject to some change but the basic out line is the same.

If you wish to donate to the project you can do so here:


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