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Just an article addressing an issue and a few questions for ya'll

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So I saw many people saying that you can't complete the Offices puzzle. You can. You have to get the window stuck with a chair and pull the lever from the other side. Also a hint: you can get the thing stuck on your head and then place the chair under it so you can get outside and pull the lever ;)

Sorry for the late reply. I saw the very very bad reviews and I was very depressed for a quite a few days dreading to look at this page and finding even more bad reviews. Thankfully I found some support in the comments but you guys had problems with one of the hardest puzzles (arguably) in the mod so I ask two questions. Would you guys want me to make a puzzle guide video? Just in case you get stuck :) I saw one person asking for a lore video but I'd like to keep the lore for the players' imagination :)


Well there is no reason to be depressed. Most people did not write their reviews and only said that they get stuck on a broken/obscure puzzle.

Just fix the puzzle and let people finish the mod so more of them can write their reviews

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