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Generous Kickstarter members and thorough YouTubers have invested their funds and energy into spurring on our pleasantly surprised team at White Giant RPG Studios. The result is nine (and counting) “Let’s Play” videos, multiple team interviews, and over 70% of our Kickstarter goal in just one week!

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It is wonderfully encouraging to be cheered on and in return, we feel ever more compelled to deliver the absolute best RPG we can possibly craft.

Last Dream has been featured in nine "Let's Play" videos by three fantastic YouTubers:


We have implemented many of the helpful insights provided by these reviewers and we eagerly look forward to your feedback. The latest game demo can be downloaded here:

Last Dream

In addition, we have incorporated the following enhancements:

1) New "ultimate" synthesis recipes and equipment, acquired by completing side quests such as the Hunter's Guild, Arena, and Mystic Cave.

2) An additional mega-dungeon known as the Mines of Dvergar, leading to the subterranean Dwarven city (also new), which expands upon the primary storyline. Here, players can recover the highest tier of equipment, exalted Adamantium, and we anticipate that the Mines of Dvergar will be advantageous for higher game-difficulty settings.

Several independent gaming websites have also recently interviewed White Giant RPG Studios, the first of which can be found here:


Our team is currently in production power-drive, working long into the night (every night) to complete and thoroughly game test the final areas and elements of Last Dream, the first in our planned trilogy. Progress is going very well and we expect to finish Last Dream within two weeks of our Kickstarter campaign's conclusion.

Check it out at Kck.st!

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