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Ascendant has made it to its last 24 hours on Kickstarter. Learn a little more about the team here.

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In our final few hours on Kickstarter, I'd like to share with you guys a bit about Ascendant and who we are.Ascendant is a 2.5D roguelike-brawler where the player takes on the role of a demigod attempting to usurp the tyranny of an older, angrier god.

The roguelike design of the game means permadeath, unlockables, procedurally generated environments, loot, and enemy variants. The brawler design means that you are constantly in the thick of things smacking enemies in the face with your sword, quickly dodging to avoid getting hit, and knowing when to strike. Figuring out when your enemies are at a disadvantage and when to unleash a barrage against them is extremely important.

To give you an idea of combat, here is a gameplay video:

The meat of the game comes by enhancing your character through Aspects. Aspects are items that you can equip that change the way that you play the game and are different depending on if whether you socket them into your weapon, armor, or spell. For example, one Aspect socketed into a weapon might do a damage-over-time effect while putting the same Aspect into your armor may grant double-jump.

A ton more information on the Kickstarter page itself.

So, a little more about us..Ascendant was originally an idea that our group was toying around with while we were finishing up our final projects in graduate school. We knew we wanted to make a beat-em up/roguelike hybrid experience but didn't really have a solid story for it, just a ton of ideas for engaging mechanics and features. After iterating over prototypes, art, design, and a bunch of other things we found the core gameplay. Three months into development we now have a solid alpha, something we enjoy playing, and want to share it with everyone. It still needs a lot of work and polish but we are hitting our stride and will power through the holiday season to get the game where it needs to be.

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