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A new demo (0.2) has been released for the game Lantern of Worlds - Eastwind. Play as the wizard Radu, who wishes to become the evilest wizard in the world!

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Hear ye, hear ye!
The king of Eastwind wishes it to be known, that the evil wizard Radu has been spotted on the island!
A wizard of great evil, heroes are encouraged to track down this evil-doer, and shoot, or ehm ... swing on sight!

But be warned, many goodly heroes have fallen before his dark magic, so be sure to bring your evil-wizard repellent! (tm)

In other news, the 0.2 demo of Lantern of Worlds - Eastwind is out!
Play the first part of the story of Radu, an evil wizard who wishes to be the evilest wizard of the world!

The demo can be found here!



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