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The final release of Lab Rat is now available for download!

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The final build of our game, Lab Rat, is now available

What's New:

  • Enemy pathfinding - enemies no longer get stuck on corners
  • Enemy idle movement - enemies will patrol until they detect a player
  • New level progression - kill enemies to open doors to progress through the level
  • New environmental animations
  • Hack outlines - show which enemies and objects can be hacked when in range
  • Reduced player starting ammo - be sure to hack for more ammo!
  • Boss fight fixes
    • Reduced overall health of boss
    • Boss immune shield now visible
    • Player guidance added for boss fight mechanics
  • Assorted bug fixes

Based on feedback from peer evaluation, we added pathfinding so enemies would no longer get stuck on objects in the environment. We also improved the sense of progression within the levels, having the player clear all enemies in a room before the door opens into the next room. We also adjusted player starting ammo and made changes to the boss fight to create a more consistent difficulty curve, and hunted down assorted bugs reported by peer evaluation.

Our game can be found at Cyber-studios.itch.io

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