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A list of know bugs and problems - some I could use help with.

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I'm just going to throw this up here to keep track of problems as they arise, I know what some of you are thinking," Why didm't he use the Module System?" I tried 5 times to setup python since I decided to five modding a go. I've done everything with Morgh's Editor, OpenBRF, paintNET and my music software.

anyway ze buggies/uglies -

I've had one report of someone not being able to start the Module up - "unable to open file:CommonRes/coop_extra_ui_textures.brf", If anyone else has this let me know although It could have something do with steam, I may have to make somekind of modified module.ini file for non steam users, If I can narrow the problem down.

Incomplete Scenes, Incomplete AI Meshes (sieges most importantly), I've already completed 3 or 4 than are in the original alpha and this'll likely be a while as AI meshes are tough to test,

Bandits only engaging the player 1 party at a time (this problem, would need someone who knows scripts.txt editing, such people do exist but haven't been online on the taleworlds forum for YEARS,) there may be a way to decompile the mod as it's built ontop of native, fix the mod and recompile it but again that'd require the help of a python adept.

Ladies clothing overiders - some ladies seem to be hardcoded to wear certain stuff regardless of if its in their troop inventory,

Two lords share a banner, this is a problem I think may even be in native although I'm not sure.

there will be typos galore, I did this in notepad but they are easy to find and fix as I come across them in futher testing.

Balance is probably way out of whack on the campaign map, not actually sure what'll happen with regards to which factions need toning down/up

If anyone has anymore let me know and I'll add them, fix them if I'm able or seek the help of the higher masters if they prove to be beyond me.

Thanks for any reports,

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