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I'm new here and I hope it's OK to share my baby with you. As solo developer, I have dedicated few years to Kingdom Chess. I hope it's now ready to go out and play with other children. Please help him grow big and strong with your feedback and wishlisting.

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Kingdom Chess Demo now available on Steam:

Kingdom Chess takes the world's most popular board game to a new level by expanding well known mechanics with countless variations. The game is still in development and currently offers single player campaign, local / online multiplayer, practice against bots and puzzles. Simple tutorials will guide you through the game mechanics, but there no explanation on how to play chess yet.

Here chess meets open world and RPG elements. Gather your team and complete quests. It should take less than 2 hours to beat the game, but that depends on your previous chess experience. So far the single player campaign offers:
- 4 quests are available available: 1. Help the farmer to earn some gold. 2. Kill bandits for the innkeeper. 3. Rescue mission and 4. Boss fight.
- The village serves as a hub where you can find 3 types of NPC: mercenaries, merchants and quest givers.
- Through the crypt located behind the church players can access the underground area where fighting and looting takes place.

Play a single chess skirmish against computer, local or online opponent. Beside classic chess, there are 12 variants expanding the base game with:
- Up to 4 players online and local multiplayer (or practice against bot).
- 4 new game modes (capture the flag, domination, escape and elimination).
- 6 unique pieces (queen of ice, jester, elephant, kirin, cannon and phoenix).
- 10 diverse boards (from 6x6 to 20x20 with some including environmental obstacles).

Extra section of the game located in "Battle". Over 1.5 million classic chess puzzles have been imported and 4 modes introduced. "Bolt", "Fever" and "Survival" encourage players compete against their own score. And "Explorer" allows to customize the experience by tweaking with "time" and "lives" options.

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