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The first update for After Reset RPG Kickstarter campaign. Including many fixes for it and a new lore.

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My Fellow Backers,

First, thank you for your support, thank you for your words of inspirations and advice to make our project better. Due to your active engagement we:
• Added new pledges of $15 and $20;
• Added access to Closed Alpha and Beta Tests for every pledge equal to $35 or more;
• Added 10 limited SERGEANT MAJOR [+] pledges with free “Name a weapon” feature allowing us to name a weapon by backer’s name;
• Added 100 limited FIRST SERGEANT [+] pledges with free “Wailing Wall” feature allowing us to put backer’s name to the in-game memorial in Reno city, dedicated to survivors died during the Dallas Incident;
• Put all important changes in separate section of out page (Major Important Updates);
• Fixed our video (made it shorter and added more gameplay);
• Put marked BIO of our team in separate section of our page (“About the team. Who are you, guys?”);
• Indicated important questions and added them into FAQ (I put them at the end of current update as well).

Beyond that, I’d like to devote every update to one of the three main features of After Reset RPG (atmosphere, story or mechanics). And by this first update I’d like to appeal to STORY feature by revealing new lore. The lore about one of the major side of emerging conflict in the Game – the New Confederacy…

The Confederate Cities of America (CCA) commonly referred to as the Confederate Cities (CC) or the New Confederacy, was set up on February 4, 130AR (130 years After the Reset) by several cities within the region formerly known as North America. Those cities included in the New Confederacy were all survivors of the Reset and the nuclear holocaust that came with it, with populations directly descended from the survivors of the Reset. The creation of the CCA was heavily influenced by the Dallas Incident that occurred less than a year before its founding. It was also thanks to the personal charisma and experience of Bill Thomas, who united 5 of the survivor cities in Former North America and became the first President of The Confederate Cities of America after its formation.

The Articles of Confederation (or as they are called now – Articles of Stone, named after their originator Eli Stone, a colleague of Bill Thomas and the first Vice President of CCA) were adopted on June 11, 130AR, they state as follows:

1. Name of the New Confederacy: The Confederate Cities of America.

2. The head of the New Confederacy is the President, elected by the Council of Cities once every 5 years. After election, the President has a veto power over any decision by the Council of Cities, except for decisions on amendments of current Articles and on acceptance of new cities into the Confederacy.

3. The sovereignty of the cities of the Confederacy is established and their powers are guaranteed to the extent to which such powers do not fall under the Confederacy.

4. The goal of creating the Confederacy is established; the cities are obligated to help one another.

5. Citizens of the cities are accorded the freedom of movement within the Confederacy. Cities are obligated to extradite criminals and slaves.

6. The right of citizens of the Confederacy to keep and bear arms, the right to a due process hearing (including trial before a jury of their peers), and the right not to be forced to testify against oneself, are all affirmed.

7. The right of citizens of the Confederacy to own private property is affirmed. The right to own slaves – non-citizens of the Confederacy - is affirmed. The freedom of the latter is affirmed (a citizen of the Confederacy cannot be a slave).

8. The principle of "one city has one vote in the Council" and the procedure for appointing delegates to the Council of Cities (the delegates are chosen by the heads of cities) are affirmed.

9. The procedure for awarding military ranks during a war (any rank below a major is awarded by heads of cities).

10. Expenses by the Confederacy are paid for through taxes and in proportions set by the Council of Cities.

11. The Confederacy has the power to declare war, standardize weights and measures (including currency), and consider disputes between cities.

12. Powers, which the Articles do not directly assign to the New Confederacy, are reserved to the cities and citizens.

13. The procedure for accepting new cities into the Confederacy (requires approval by a majority of delegates in the Council of Cities) is established.

14. Procedure for amending the Articles is affirmed – changes must be approved by all the cities.

The official flag of the Confederate Cities of America, known as "Burnt Cross", consists of 5 (at the start of the 132AR) burnt stars inscribed into a blue diagonal cross on a red background. Each star represents one city of the Confederacy.

After the Dallas Incident, news of the sudden emergence of the United Governments quickly spread among few separate settlements of survivors across the Former North America.

Most of the people who survived the Reset on the surface started to blame the United Governments for all that happened. They had hard memories, of loved ones lost in storms of nuclear fire. Many of those had little to no experiences with the “Invading aliens” of the Reset, and later, generations brought up based on hatred towards the United Governments were stunned by the encounter with the "demons" of the Past Era and at the same time were frightened by the technical strength of these "demons". They were technologically beyond anything witnessed in generations.

Skillfully using this fear and hatred, and at the same time guaranteeing the right to own property (including the right to own slaves and territories) and the right to freedom (including freedom from slavery for citizens of the Confederacy and broad internal powers of cities of the Confederacy), the charismatic and ambitious politician Bill Thomas succeeded in less than a year to unite 5 cities of survivors under the banners of the Confederate Cities of America.

By the year 132 After Reset:
• The city of Reno is the capital of the New Confederacy.
• Bill Thomas is the president of the New Confederacy.
• Eli Stone is the vice-president of the New Confederacy.
• The New Confederacy consists of 5 cities; The Reno Capitol is one and there are four others, but you’ll have to play the game to find out what cities made it through the Reset.
• The official currency is the Confederacy Dollar (barter is gradually being replaced in the cities of the Confederacy.)
• The United Governments do not recognize the existence of the New Confederacy and do not have any diplomatic relations with them.

FAQ UPDATE: Kickstarter.com

Once again, much obliged for your support!

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