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Trini-V Games announces their Kickstarter and opens up to a few details.

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Hey everyone, I am Andrew Adams from Trini-V Games and I am just here to let everyone know that our Kickstarter has been live for about 16 days now. We are creating a Sci-Fi Adventure RPG mashup inspired by Legend of Zelda and many other retro games. We aim to bring the player into the world of the Interim, a dimension between dimensions, that is specifically designed to challenge all those who enter.

As part of this world, where you crash landed might we add, you must face various challenges as you try to find a way out. Your only choice is to take up some of the strange arms and help the locals overthrow the evil king(who hasn't heard that before?) who has the power to manipulate reality(wait, you said king not god!) and has enforced order upon this chaotic world(okay, really? that is like the plot of at least a dozen old rpgs).

For now that is all we are willing to share outside the kickstarter. We are down to just a week before the demo releases, and two weeks left before the campaign closes, so we would be greatly appreciative anyone taking a look and at least leaving a comment.

Note on platforms: we WILL release for Windows, Mac, and Linux. we AIM to release on Xbox One, PS4 and maybe even the WiiU if we can get access to releasing on them or get access to the proper dev add-ons for Game Maker.

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