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Post news RSS Kickstarter Day 8: Crafting!

Today we're going more in-depth into what crafting will look like in the game.

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Hi everyone,

As we said in yesterday's update, today we will be talking about what it'll be like to craft in Primal Hero! As we've mentioned before, players will have three pieces of gear that can be equipped to their character:

  • Armor
  • Cloaks
  • Magical Tools (Spell books, Staff, etc.)

There are also three crafting professions in Primal Hero that will allow players to create one of the three items for themselves and allies.

  • Armorsmiths will craft Armor
  • Tailors will craft Cloaks
  • Artificers will craft Magical Tools

Crafting professions will allow a player to pick and choose which statistic bonuses they wish to have on their gear, as opposed to hoping for the right item from a quest or random drop. Materials for item crafting will be found from exploring Wild Zones and defeating enemy Primals. For instance, in our example image below the crafting materials are some torn cloth and some Nemean leather. You'll find Nemean leather by going out into the Plains and defeating Nemeans. And the Torn Cloth you would find as a random drop after you defeat certain low level Primals.

The crafting plans for different items can be acquired by crafting more and leveling up the profession, buying them from a merchant, or as random drops in Wild Zones. If you have the widest variety of crafting plans then you'll be the one that all your allies come to for gear.

Don't forget we still have 22 days for the Kickstarter, so go take a look and if you like what you see and want to support it then back us up :)


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