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Our latest Steam Greenlight status update. We are really stoked because of your fantastic feedback!

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Below you will find Steam Greenlight status update, in which we tried to answer most of your questions, originally posted on:
We are really stoked with your amazing feedback!

Firstly, we would like to thank all of you for the huge interest in our
game. The amount of support that we have received exceeded our wildest
expectations! Kudos to you from whole team working on Kholat.

Today is 2nd of February 2014. An exact 55th anniversary of
the tragic and still unexplained events that occurred on the Dyatlov Pass.
We would like you to remember about it, regardless of our game. We want to
keep the
memory of those young people who died there and pay our respect to them.
We come from a point of view that healthy curiosity is what leads to better
understanding of matters around us. To not forgetting. To becoming better
If we will remain curious, perhaps one day we can discover the answers to
our questions. We invite you to be curious together with us.

Regarding your questions concerning Kholat, we will try to reply them in
best manner possible:

Gameplay - we'll show it in due time, when we will be 100% confident
that what we want to show is satisfying for both you and us.

In basics, Kholat is a FPP game, focused on the exploration and narration.
There will be no hints where to go or what to look for. Players will rely
only on themselves. Map and compass will help with orientation, but you will
need to use them in real time. That means if you cover your screen with a
map, you just might miss an opportunity or find yourselves deep in danger.

Do not expect to fight the enemies around every corner and tree. We would
find that boring and futile. Kholat is going to focus on the frightening
atmosphere and the feeling that someone or something is playing with you. We
definitely adore Slenderman and Dear Esther games, so that all together will
probably help you to understand our concept better.

New screenshots will be popping up regularly from next week.

The story – we do not want to reveal you too much, but some
preliminary information will also appear in the next updates.

So much for the first time. Once again, thank you for your help. If you like
our idea and what we have done so far, then please share information about
our game with your friends and invite them to vote.

And if you have any questions just ask us in the comments.

Remain curious.


Kholat Team

sHaKeNbAkE.. - - 289 comments

I am liking this even more now...very nice.

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