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Requisition is now started, here is a bit about it

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We have now just started Requisition in the ashes of "ReHalo", something that died no to long ago. The game is set in the "Halo" universe and it is set to be completely free, for everyone and forever.

About It

Requisition is a multiplayer exclusive game inspired and set in the universe of Halo. It is planned to have large, medium, and small maps allowing for gameplay up to 32 people per team, with a planned max of four teams. It is planed to have CTF, Slayer, Infection, and possibly something similar to Warzone: Firefight. We do also have the intention to have A.I. for the multiplayer and allow a single player battle between them. If your exited about this and would like to help please apply to help, the info for this is on the game summary.

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