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We are nearing Steam Early Access release, with a fully playable game. Let's talk about the many, many, many improvements over the last few weeks

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Sorry guys, I haven't been updating the IndieDB blog as much as I should, biggest reason for that is that I've been BUSY. So much has been done, like changes to the complete interface, improved graphics, adding a lot of audio and cinematic effects. More quests and challenges, and a bunch of improvements to the gameplay.

In short, Heroes of Loot 2 is now about 90% completed, and more than playable enough for an Steam Early Access release which is planned for, on or around, May 13th.

Which brings me to the big news here: pre-orders are now live! and you can get yourself a 30% discount if you buy the game before May 13th, the pre-order is for the Windows, OSX and Linux version and comes with a Steam key for Early Access and a DRM free version once the game leaves Early Access (sometime in June)

I also made a nice new trailer for the release, showing you all the new stuff that's been added from interface changes to mini-bosses, quests, challenges, and unlockable magic.. check it out:

I've also been live-streaming some of the development on Twitch (twitch.tv/orangepascal) which has been fun to do even tho I only had 3-4 viewers at a time! Mostly I just show some play-testing or pixel-art work, as the programming side of things can be a bit boring for most.

Mean while, Gavin has been working on the new music, which is sounding very epic and heroic, and that's of course exactly what we set out to achieve.

This coming couple of weeks I'll try to tidy up some things, making the game user friendly, and ready for the Early Access release. I started using Trello to keep track of my todo's and opened up the board to the public so you can see exactly what I still have planned and also what's already added,fixed,deleted, or being tested. Find the Trello board here: Heroes of Loot 2 trello board.

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