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We have just finished Patch 2 for the 'ORION: Dino Horde Jungle Beta' and we have also launched the Spiral Dedicated Servers. Go feel how butter-smooth the game is!

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Patch 2 is now live for the 'ORION: Dino Horde' Jungle Update (Open Beta). Steam will automatically start downloading it. To make it download immediately simply restart Steam. Changelog below:

  1. Fixed issue with Armory / Barracks stores allowing players to go into negative credits.
  2. Fixed issues with terminal items not lighting up when purchased.
  3. Fixed issues with Credit Display on the terminals.
  4. Fixed third-person animation glitches with TREK Longbow.
  5. Fixed issues with Black / Purple default armors not persisting through loads.
  6. Fixed issues with server browser not showing user-created lobbies.
  7. Fixed ammo / health packs - now light up properly in the terminal.
  8. Fixed double-click / single-click issues with the terminals.
  9. Fixed various bugs resulting from melee / other actions with 1P weapons.
  10. Fixed issues with Spiral Store back end / proper linking.
  11. Fixed issues with Mech Gatling Muzzle particle.
  12. Fixed issues with the Utility gun not playing audio for Assault / Recon.
  13. Fixed issues with third person effects not playing on some clients with the Utility Gun.
  14. Fixed issues with extra "Gundy's" being listed on Team Selection Screens.
  15. Fixed issues with the Utility Gun not triggering "overttime" for the Power Generator.
  16. Fixed issue with server browser taking you to the wrong server.
  17. Adjusted audio cue for Notification Pop-Ups.
  18. Added double click functionality to server browser.
  19. Added new HUD Element: Experience Tab (top-right)
  20. Adjusted TREK-13 Shotgun: Increased spread.
  21. Adjusted Arid World - improved pathfinding in the canyons.
  22. Adjusted Raupi (+night) Worlds - new lighting, fog & foliage.

Spiral Dedicated Servers are now LIVE all across the world and ready for you and Patch 2.

The Jungle DLC for 'ORION: Dino Horde' will launch on Wednesday, July 24, 2013.



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