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This is an update for the game. It's just boring stuff but it's relavent.

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Okay guys.......I am sorry I haven't been updating this site I have been working on the game and as some of you have thought it is not dead. I have been doing small things along the way and haven't really got any progress that much. This is proving to be a difficult task and I am having some problems. But I have done some stuff. I have ended up creating kakashi. All though he is not perfect he is animated and moving. Naruto can attack and jump but his shaddow clones arn't working the way I want them to. It might have been easier if I was able to code properly but it seems that part of my knowledge has not quite filled in. Soon I am going to create Sakura and I think that she won't be as complecated in the combat aspect as Naruto.

Hopefully she will be better then Kakashi in the model itself. In the game you will be able to play as Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, Sai and Yamato. I might make more but first you will be able to play as Naruto and Sakura. I have also added in a experience system where is you kill one of those ningas that I obtained from another modeller you will gain 10 points of XP.....ect. Then you will also be able to upgrade your skills. For isntance when I get the shaddow clones working you can have 4 instead of 3.

Also, some more of the Leaf Village is created and it is going to be my own compesition and not the exact replica.

Again, I will post updates now and again but just know that this game isn't dead! It's just a work in progress or a delay. Sorry for not updating for like a month or 2.

- Xaou


Sounds cool so far.

If I may, it might be easier to just have shadow clones correspond to moves rather than actually making them party members of a sort. Both on your part and probably on the player's part. AFter all, whether or not it's fun is the most important.

For instance, have him summon another shadow clone when he's doing the Rasengan, or have a move where one of his shadow clones throws him at the enemy like in the battle against Sasuke at the Valley of the End. Or have his punches work like they do in the Ultimate Ninja games, where he uses his shadow clones as part of his standard punching gig. Try having them just be part of his average moveset. Probably be easier for you to make fun.

Also, as for playable characters, you may want to focus on the ones that are actually useful. Think about who has a large role to play in the series. Sai and Yamato don't really have any battle, for instance. Meanwhile, Sasuke has the whole Itachi Pursuit arc, as well as being one of the two main characters. Sakura would be good, though. You could have her fight a bunch of puppets as she is about to fight Sasori as a boss, for instance. View the entire series, and think about who has the most important fights, and who is most important to play as to get the whole story of Shippuden. Then make those characters your priority. :p

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if you find it hard why not get some more people?

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Well he definitely needs more people... The problem would come with finding people who would actually be able to help and contribute.

But yeah, I don't know how he's expecting to get anywhere on a game of this size by just himself :/

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