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Finally got some real AIs going. New scripting system allows for more efficient character creation. Almost at the story.

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Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Things have been busy around here.

Anyway, I have a small update to share in terms of ZWC's progress. I've got all of my AI, Character, and Enemy scripts combined into one. So this sounds like nothing that important on the surface, but beneath it means a great deal of things.

I can now work on basically anything I choose and not have a fear of needing to touch it up later. Since everything is now in the same place, if I change it for one person, it changes it for everybody. With that, I did have to make some changes to the combat. It feels very different, but in a good way. Essentially, Speed Melee is now a burst of extra damage oppose to it's own defined system. And heavy attacks are now only usable at the end of combos in order to prevent spamming.

So right now, with the click of a button I can say whether Goku is an AI, Enemy, or Player, and for me this is just really amazing. Remember all of the tedious updates where sometimes Piccolo would work properly, but Goku wouldn't? Well that's all a thing of the past.

As of right now, I'm about to get Piccolo in-game to utilize the new script. If I were to follow sort of structure, I'd say my goals are as follows:

  • Get Piccolo in-game.
  • Get new Pterodactyls in-game.
  • Finish up the Goku's House map.
  • Start working on story.

I know I have a bad habit of making promises I can't keep, but I'm trying. Hopefully in the next update we can try our hand at a real Raditz fight, but only time will tell as always.For people interested in testing out the new mechanics:



All the time Raditz and Raditz, when finally the game will continue the story?

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Where is Raditz in this game?

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I liked the part where you needed to beat couple of monsters to gain more power untill raditz arrived...
kamilkom15:Raditz was in the game at the begining,but was removed unitll goku and picoolo and stuff like that are perfect...(This is my opinion)
xatoku posted many articles about his progress and similar,maybe you should read that for info...
If he manages to create raditz story which is first "saga" then other will be much easier cuz he will have some sort of concept from here.

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