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This is short prequel for full game which will be released next year. It has around 45min of gameplay and investigation. Murder happened in apartment and detective Joe Kowalski living nearby was called on a scene of crime.

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Joe Kowalski Chronicles is a classic point and click adventure game where you take a role of a Joe, detective who will try to solve a case of a brutally murdered woman. This game is a prequel to series of Joe Kowalski Chronicles divided into chapters that will be longer in gameplay, better looking visually and will contain more scenes, characters and puzzles.

Prequel is named "Murder in a flat". Game is very dark and atmospheric, if you like dark detective/horror mystery games I think this will be something you'd like to check. Gameplay is standard point and click, investigation, talking to people around, collecting items, using them on different places and getting to the truth what happened to murdered woman.

More info on website:


And you can follow us on twitter:


As Joe Kowalski Chronicles - Murder in a flat is made using game engine Unity and Adventure Creator, author of framework Chris was kind enough to put the game on his site:


I Opened itch.io webpage where you can follow game as well:


<UPDATE> adventuregamers.com featured Joe Kowalski Chronicles on their official homepage news. There's a little bit more info about Joe and upcoming releases check it out here:


Here's the trailer for the game:

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