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Lobotomy Corp is a Monster Management Rogue-Lite Simulation game.January Big update plan and schedule.

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January Big update plan and schedule

[January 26 update target]

The following update will be made during January 26, Korea time.

1. Added three kinds of Abnormalities

- Three types of Abnormalities are currently being transported to the corporation. These Abnormalities are really dangerous ones.

2. Activate department functions

- The current department functions are not working properly except the information team.

- The department functions that should have worked for each department are activated.

3. Research function by department

- Three research functions are added for each department.

- Research that raises the ability of employees

- Research that enhances departmental functions

- Research of additions and upgrades of new weapons

4. Variety of weapon types

- We will supply a variety of weapons to our employees in order to increase their efficiency and survival rate.

5. Customizing employee

- Personnel team is preparing for special recruitment.

- Special hiring will allow you to choose the appearance, name, and sex of your employees.

6. New battle system

- Stiffness enters the battle between the fantasy and the staff.

- The motion of the torso may be blocked by the rigid system.

- You can prevent the robot from dashing like crazy.

7. Multilingual support

- Korean (We are currently in the process of deliberation. We will endeavor to finish the deliberation during the 26th.)

- Chinese (Indienova helps translation)

- Russian (Tales & Stories team is helping you translate)

* Thank you again for those who helped with the translation.

[Bug fix]

It will be found every Friday, and a version with bug fixes will be uploaded.

If you see a bug, please send me an email with attached video, screenshot and save file.

Save file path: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Project_Moon\Lobotomy

Email: lobotomycorp@gmail.com

Our Home Page is literally broken, So we update the news on the Steam page for now.

We'll fix the page as soon as possible.

Check Steam Page

Check Twitter

Check Facebook

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