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Post news RSS Jalopy Hits Top 20 In Steam Greenlight - Millions Of Engine Customization Set Ups

Jalopy has just hit the top 20 on Steam Greenlight! We detail some info on the millions of customization options and how the main menu works

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We’ve had an overwhelming response to our greenlight campaign for jalopy and would like to thank everyone who has voted yes on the page. We have just hit the top 20 games and we are so happy with the overwhelming positive comments in the comments. If you’d like to vote for us, we have a link below to our Steam greenlight page, thanks!

We discussed a few new things over the past couple of days which discussed just a couple of the game mechanics in a little more detail. There is a lot in the game that was not shown in either of our two trailers so we will be sharing more info over the coming weeks so you all can get a better feel of the game.

One of the mechanics we have been wanting to share is how the main menu will work. It is a very odd subject to discuss, however considering players will always launch the game and see this, and it is good to actually consider the main menu as an important part of your game. When the player first launches the game they’ll be greeted with their Laika 601 Deluxe in a rather poor state, no tyres or even any mechanical parts in its hood.

But as you play through the game, installing new parts to your Laika 601 deluxe, the game will remember any changes you’ve made and display them on the main menu the next time you load up the game. Currently there are millions of customization set ups and we’re looking forward to seeing you share your set up online

We have also had some players ask for more information on the map. How will players choose a route? Greg Pryjmachuk has responded to this question below:

Greg Pryjmachuk: “… Hey, the way the route generation works is that you’ll use the map before you set off on your journey. Old image below, but it still works similarly to this way

You’ll be able to pick from a selection of randomly generated routes that offer different challenges. You could pick a route that’s been marked as having a petrol station through it, but it could be that the route is going to take you longer to drive, or perhaps the condition of the roads are in a bad way, or even the weather report through this route is pretty grim.

This flow ensures that after each journey, you’re always going to end up in a town. Ending the day in a town is important as it offers you a chance to upgrade, repair, refill, etc ready for the next day of driving.”

If you’d like to support us, vote for Jalopy on Steam Greenlight by visiting this link:


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