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Some engine changes, some gameplay changes, a new map and a new version of an existing map…

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We have a new map, Snowstation, from Supertanker. It has a simple layout, essentially a loop, and a snow-covered outside area forming part of that loop. Also, EmperorJack's Plat23 has had a little work done on it – colour tweaks and a few scenery adjustments.

Engine changes

Lots of things going on here. We're now using C++ for all engine code. (Game logic is still in C. We're not ready to change that yet.) A few things are a bit different – some commands are changed a little or renamed and some output looks different. One which you'll probably notice while playing is marking for deconstruction – you'll need to rebind that key. The reason is that /if has lost its modifier key support; you'll need to use /modcase instead. (You can effect the change by setting the deconstruct key via the bindings menus.)

For the moment, we've retained compatibility with SDL 1.2 and gcc 4.6.

Gameplay changes

Firstly, confidence ⇒ momentum. Nothing more than a name change.

The jetpack

Hold down the jump key and fly – but you can't hover any more and you only have a limited amount of fuel… when you're not flying, your jetpack will refuel itself. Flying is also faster but less accurate, and the jetpack isn't disabled when you're hurt by acid or swarms.

Under attack!

We've changed when and for what reasons “under attack” messages are reported. Humans will see warnings, indicating nearby destroyed buildings, relayed by repeaters or the reactor (repeaters will inform of their own destruction too); similarly, aliens will see warnings relayed by the overmind. The reactor and overmind will also relay warnings that they are under attack (at 75% health and 25% health) and when they are destroyed.

Ammunition and charge

Humans' weapons will be refilled or recharged automatically when close to a suitable building and not in use. Clipless weapons are fully refilled or recharged; other weapons get a full set of clips, but the clip in use isn't refilled (you'll have to reload).

Power supply

Repeaters are now effectively small reactors. They'll provide power even if there's no reactor.


The predicted % efficiency shown when placing a drill or a leech is now coloured. You want the colour to be green or yellow. Red is bad.

Bots should behave better around armouries now – little things like buying weapons from too far away.

Renderer changes

FXAA now works with Mesa in OpenGL 2.1 contexts.

Missing presumed delayed

We'd hoped to have IQM support and a new model or two this month, but they weren't ready in time.

booman - - 3,654 comments

Ooh, OpenGL... should run in Linux too.

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Milanium - - 453 comments

Looks like make install is broken or removed in 0.22.1

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