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Post news RSS It seems KeeYA is going to have OUYA support!

Got my OUYA email notifying me that the little box is on its way.

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Seems fitting, as KeeYA and OUYA end in the same syllable. But to get that email i had to go through some troubles:

  • Introduce a support ticket on the OUYA website.
  • Tweet them about my problem (preordered on Jan 4th and haven't got my OUYA yet) with the ticket number.
  • Receive an email saying i need to update my address.
  • Update the aforementioned address (i'm using a forwarder) without non Simple-Roman alphabet in the "Ship To" field.
  • Wait and twiddle thumbs.

It isn't that hard, but they could have sent me that email previously without me getting annoyed by the long wait time.
OUYA Email

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