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Post news RSS Iron Meat Wins Best in Show at MIVS

Iron Meat is the winner of "BEST IN SHOW" at this year's MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase!

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As it gets closer to completion, the team at Retroware is excited to announce that Iron Meat is the winner of "BEST IN SHOW" at this year's MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase.

Better known simply as MIVS, this aspect of MAGFest, the yearly Music and Gaming Festival that takes place in National Harbor, Maryland USA, (right outside of Washington, D.C.) and is dedicated to all things indie developer and game creation. MIVS features teams selected from across the globe to showcase their latest work to enable a broader audience for their titles at no cost. These indie games are not limited to console, as much of the selection available at this year's showcase included tabletop and arcade titles as well.

We personally wanted to take this time to thank the MIVS team and the following indie videogame developers for their hard work and creativity in making this year's MAGFest as much fun as it was rewarding:

  • Aliens After Ava - Alejandro Hervella
  • Atama - Team Zutsuu
  • Battle Gem Ponies - YotesMark
  • Battle Royale: For Your Heart! - LegendEx Games
  • Big Boss - Hamra Digital
  • Check x Mate - Sliced Kiwi Studios
  • Crashword - What's a Mook? Games
  • Don't Fraud my Heart! - Dogwood Gaming
  • EMIMLIVE: Chroma Quest - GAME JOY
  • Fault & Fragment - One Million Machine
  • Fire and Rescue - Skyboy Games
  • FORKLIFT FLOWERPOT - Too Much Tomato
  • Geo Mythica - Guin Entertainment, LLC
  • Growing My Grandpa! - Yames
  • Gunhawk - Skyboy Games
  • HALT - Bunkbed Fantasy
  • Hazuki Dies: She Has No Name - LAME Dimension
  • Heart is Muscle - Heiden
  • In Controller - Children Driving Robots
  • Infernax - Berzerk Studio
  • It's a Wrap! - Chanko Studios
  • Kids of Karendow - Phat Games
  • KISS U - Thurman Studios
  • Little Nemo & the Nightmare Fiends - Team Nemo, Inc
  • Loop Thesis - Latinforimagination
  • MerFight - Mattrified Games, LLC
  • My Familiar - Chintzy Ink
  • NOISZ STARLIVHT - Anarch Entertainment
  • Party Crashers - SynthLabs
  • Pin City - Studio217, LLC
  • Praecantor Lila ~ Bell Spell - Lunacy Indeterminate
  • Project Anomaly: Urban Supernatural Investigator - DARK SCIENCE
  • Pundle Time Machine - Pacdude Games
  • Quartet - Something Classic
  • Rabbit & Steel - mino_dev
  • Rising Tide - MochiByte
  • Scarlet City of Devils - Shademare LLC
  • Scrap Seas - Fun Freighter Games
  • Shrine's Legacy - Positive Concept Games
  • Skate Story - by Sam Eng
  • Sneaky Ninja - Starfall Studios
  • Solar Ash - Heart Machine LLC
  • Strato Breaker - Noetic Nightjar
  • Super Marxist Twins - Type 3 Studios
  • Telocation: Gemini (N64) - Team Ultra Rare
  • TENDY: Robot Gardener - Too Much Tomato
  • The Day the World Stopped - The Day the World Stopped
  • The Newton Mystery - In The Snow Studios
  • The Sand Knight - LAN Line Games
  • Typhoon Unit ~ Butterfly Requiem - Ghostly Feline Games
  • Unwound - Wirescribe Games
  • Way of Rhea - Anthropic Studios
  • Wildmender - Muse Games
  • WrestleQuest - Mega Cat Studios
  • Zaag - Casey Labrack

As always, thank you for your support! We are looking forward to the Fall 2023 release of IRON MEAT!

- Retroware/Razz

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