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The Iran Team has been implemented and the work still running fine.

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Morning Everybody!

Iranian team finally came to the fight.

Well, I'm proudly announce to you the entry of the IRAN team. Still WIP. I had done a lot of small updates and small upgrades on the game. Some features was added, others scrapped. Well, most things are going on a very nice pace.


- Teams are now slightly different each others; it have different management. Units have different features. For instance, the T55 have a very high chance of miss fire and the M1 Abrams, with thermals and other shoot guidance have more accuracy

- US is more focused on air defense, helicopters and have more modern tanks. Iran and Iraq are almost same gameplay.


- Constant lagging is now almost none.

- NPC faction attacks more often.

- Difficult was significantly hardened despite the video below where I do a rush attack.

Well, enjoy:

CanadaMan7 - - 2,586 comments

Nicely done- you've made enormous progress in reducing lag and generally fleshing this game out a bit.

Suggestions for Future Improvements:
-You may want to investigate the lag surrounding Unit Death or artillery barrages. It seems to spike as soon as rockets hit. Is the explosion texture file resource intensive or something?
-Explosions and smoke could use further refinement. They look a bit 2D against the landscape, especially during the actual explosion portion. I'm guessing it's a texture rather than an animation/particle effect?
-I know they're WIP, but making sure the Infantry roles/NATO counters pop out a bit more is going to be key. Players are going to have to be able to tell them apart during the heat of a firefight.

Aside from those mild concerns, I'll be excited to see where you continue to take this project. I think you could have a rock solid game lined up here shortly.

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JLigeiroart Author
JLigeiroart - - 581 comments

About the explosions, well, I'm doing the same technique they are doing on games like Squad.
There's not much to do here. Doing via particle effect may decrease the performance in order to create good realistic explosions. This is a particle effect with an animated explosion.
And the death of the units will be certainly improved!

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roman9441 - - 1,183 comments

Damn can't wait to try it, But i think UI is a bit hard to use will give a try when this version release. i wonder are you going to sell it here or on steam also :D ?

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JLigeiroart Author
JLigeiroart - - 581 comments

I'll sell this version for a dollar in itchio. Then when the game got more stuff and more stable, I'll take it to steam

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