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The 1st side-scrolling space shooter with fully destructible environment

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The first side-scrolling space shooter to feature a fully destructible environment. The player can shoot each level in pieces and use the fragments to attack the enemy and to overcome challenges.

Developed by a one-man indie dev team (with a daytime job). Aiming to release it on PC / Steam and consoles when it's done.


The game started as a LibGDX prototype I made in 2013 over the course of two weeks.
It already featured the core mechanics that make this game unique, the fully destructible environment.

Then life got a bit too challenging and I've put the development down for a year.

In 2014 I picked it up again and shown the original prototype at a small local game developer event in Dublin (DubLUDO #15). I was late, so I only got to show it to 2-3 people, but at least I decided to switch over to Unity as a result of having a chat with these other devs. I knew I wanted to target consoles and play the game on the couch with my son one day, so LibGDX wasn't a viable option anymore.

At first I wanted to keep in fully 2D, just do it in Unity. ..but during the first day of the Unity development I realized how interesting it was to do it in 3D instead (2.5D overall, as the controls remain 2D).

I've put in a lot of work since. I also take valuable input from my son (10). A couple of enemies and mechanics actually come from him partially or fully. We even chose the name together. We created a list of name options and got people to vote on them in the Irish Game Developers group. One of his titles and one of my titles got the most votes, the same amount of votes actually. In the end we picked his title, as I too thought that was the better option. ..it was "Symbol of Destruction".

Stay tuned and like the Facebook page / follow the Twitter accounts if you wish.

The game's FB page: Facebook.com

The game's Twitter account: Twitter.com

My personal Twitter account: Twitter.com

The game's domain (redirects to FB): Symbolofdestruction.com

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