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Today I'm gonna share with you some informations about the new upcoming custom story named: 'The Curse Of Lost Memories'.

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Hey guys! How's going? Today I'm gonna share with you some informations about the new upcoming custom story named: 'The Curse Of Lost Memories'. As the name suggests it is connected to the Lost Memories Series, so that means that the story will be connected to 'The Maze Of Lost Memories' custom story and also to 'The Woods Of Lost Memories' custom story.

Right now the development of the custom story is well under way! I've almost finished level editing the main map/level where most of the story will take place; lighting, static objects placing, decals, particle systems and sounds have been already set, this means that most of the work that's still missing is related to scripting but even some scripts are already complete, in details I'm happy to share with you some new cool and unique features that you can expect in the full version:

-A new type of enemy: The Ghost. The ghost is completely invisible and he can move around the map limitless ignoring walls or any kind of objects, when he first shows up he will patrol a specific set section of the map, during that time the Player must avoid to look at him for too long or to get too close to him as if those conditions happen the ghost will start to chase the Player, if he manages to get the Player he will instantly kill him; the Player however has different ways to understand where the ghost currently is: whenever the Player looks at the ghost there will be a blurry vision and the mental sanity will decrease, the ghost will emit 3d sounds that can't be heard from a far distance; just like the already existing enemies like grunt or brute if the ghost ends his patrol path he will despawn.

-A reworked treasure chest system: I've added a new treasure chest system where the goodies you'll find inside them are determinated from the moment you open the chest, the number and the type of goodies are random, the chance of finding more goodies inside chests can be increased by collecting bag of coins, completing some puzzles in a specific way etc. Also because there are two types of chests inside the game, a small one and a big one, I made it so the big ones have always more and rarer goodies inside them.

-Some new and some classic puzzles: the custom story will features some new and unique puzzles some requires listening and others require memorization but there will be also some classic Amnesia puzzles, similar to the ones that are present in the main story of Amnesia The Dark Descent.

-More consequences for a low mental sanity: if the Player's mental sanity is low you'll start noticing some strange and disturbing shapes around you, watching for too long/interacting/colliding with them will trigger a disturbing event that can hurt sanity, health or both!

-New modes to play: if you have played my previous custom stories you already know that I always put different modes to play the custom story, these different modes will alter difficulty or even the atmosphere! This time the modes will have a slightly bigger impact, expecially the difficulty ones.

That's all for now! Take in mind these are only the features that will surely be in the custom story and have been already implemented but that doesn't mean that there will not be new ones! If you have any suggestions about these features or you want to suggest something else please comment below! I'll be happy to hear your thoughts and I can't wait to share with you the full version of this custom story that will be released soon(hopefully!).

Thank you for reading :D


The consequences for low sanity and the ghost enemy sound too good already.

I knew you're going all in again with this one! Hyped! :D

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