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Yuro is the first character we introduce here on indieDB! He is a samurai trained in the arts of Iaijutsu mixed with tai-chi. Yuro never wanted to become an assassin, but now that his father and grandfather can't provide for the family anymore he has no other choice.

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Yuro comes from a farmers village in the middle of the tenshio woods in northern Japan, set in the year 2040. The entire civilization have adapted the presence of modern technology however the individual seclusion of the smaller villages resemble the same architectural mapping.

Both his father and grandfather decided in their early years to train in the arts of the samurai and serve the landlord. They used their arts to make a better living within their rather dictatorial village society where more traditional sociological structures where still in place. Yuro lived in a close knit family but feeling distant from the practices his father and grandfather performed. A boy that cherishes being by himself, he was a silent boy and often played by himself. As he grew older he came to favor the grace of movement but never related it to the aggressive tendencies like his father and grandfather performed and hoped he would adopt. Instead he would perform the zen and dance oriented Tai-chi.

Yuro grew into adolescence, honour for family and loyalty became more crucial as he became a bigger part of the household on a financial level. Still practicing his arts for movement and helping in the household little riches were made.

On a cloudy day his father and grandfather came home without their katana. Questions were raised as heads were lowered. The mission they were on for a long time was failed, the landlord died and honour was lost. Normally a mission for 3 was accepted by two. No longer were they samurai and both became a ronin, unable to make a living.

Emotions and thoughts raced through Yuro’s head. Guilt...guilt is what he felt. Guilt for not living up to the hopes and standards his family had for him. He felt the guilt of being the missing link to his father and grandfathers ways of the samurai. As a result Yuro found his calling in life, restoring honour to his family and providing for them with the way of the samurai.

Years of training with his father and grandfather passed as Yuro began to notice he was actually skilled with the art of Iaijutsu and loved incorporating the tai-chi that he learned. Making his movements short, fast, swift, stealthy but especially deadly. Now perfected in the way of assassination. A lethal graceful weapon with an iron will.

Climbing up to the highest ranks of the Samurai, he is now ordered to investigate a phenomena in a nearby village, A ripple in space-time, something only heard of in myths now a mystery to ordered to get unraveled.

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