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Voidwalker is a first person exploration/puzzle game for Windows with Oculus Rift compatibility, with a dynamic magic system, designed to keep the control squarely in the hands of the player, and a deep and rich history and lore.

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Hi IndieDB! Let me introduce you to our debut game, Voidwalker!

The Scenario

As the head Professor of Enchantment at the Royal Arcane Academy, very little in the world of magic remains a mystery to you. The Tangible Elements have been at your command for decades as have three of the four Intangible Elements. No one knows Void anymore though, so this area of lack never bothered you or your students.

Recently however, a sorceress claiming to be a Voidmaster has helped to propel you in to the Magical Dimension – a feat not achieved by anyone since the Light Crusade banished Void over a thousand years ago. Now you find yourself adrift in a world that you have only dreamed of. A world that mages, wizards, shaman, and sorcerers have told stories about for generations. A world that contains all magical knowledge and infinitely more cohesion with magic than you have ever experienced.

Will you be completely overwhelmed? Or will you solve your way through the ancient puzzles and explore the Islands of each Element? And will you be able to fulfill your promise to the Voidmaster and finally restore balance by unlocking Void's place in the world?

The Game

Voidwalker is a 3D First Person Puzzle/Exploration game with groundbreaking new Spellcrafting system. For PC & Oculus with potential Hydra compatibility. We really pride ourselves on our magic system as it allows for you to mix and match shapes, intensities, powers, and modifiers for a combination of over 200 unique spells!

We really want to evoke as much of a fantasy/magic style “Portal” type feeling as possible. Every island (level) will be constructed in such a way as to teach you a new element of magic and many of the ways you could possibly be able to use it (there will always be more, just use your imagination!).

You cast from a casting wheel in which you choose your elemental base, the shape it will manifest in, and the amount of power you put behind it. You will also be able to join elements, insulate elements, and self-cast elements of different shapes and powers. Each island is also a laberynth of puzzles for you to cast your way through and solve the mystery of why you are there and how you can unlock the Void from it's banishment.

See For Yourself!

We hope our screenshots leave you wanting more! If so, check out our trailer, demo, and gameplay video … and of course, visit us on Kickstarter!!


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