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The Splashteam unveils more information about competitive modes in its upcoming platformer.

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Aside the main story and classic game, Splasher offers you several special challenge modes and competitive leaderboards.

Time Attack :
Timed single level without quarantine zones, collectibles nor Splashers to save.
We conceived the Time Attack as our softcore competitive mode. Everyone can achieve a great score. If you are a skilled player consider this as a training to the speedrun modes.

Selfish Speedrun :
Full game timed with no transition between levels. Time is passing whatever happens including when you die. Again it’s straight to the point: no collectible, quarantine zones nor Splashers.

Standart Speedrun (Any %) :
You get the regular game, including collectible and Splashers, with a big timer showing you how good you are (or not).

Gotta Catch’em All (Speedrun 100%) :
Your full game is timed but you must save all the Splashers to join the next level.


For each level or mode you achieve the game will show you your World Rank and also your Steam Friend List Rank. Will you dare challenge your friends and the best speedrunners ?! Share your screenshots and videos with #SplasherChallenge !


Leaderboards for the Time Attack are now live in the demo. If you are playing Splasher already thanks to the pre-order offer you will now be able to prove your skills to the entire world.

Splasher is still coming on PC on February 7th, did you wishlisted us yet ?

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