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It is truly amazing to be able to use just three letters to instantly evoke the feeling of reliability, performance ...

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It is truly amazing to be able to use just three letters to instantly evoke the feeling of reliability, performance, and absolute driver satisfaction. This is why the Volvo VNL is an embodiment of excellence in the trucking world, and we are excited to let you know that a brand new generation with multiple models has arrived in American Truck Simulator as a free update!

The new models include the VNL 860, 740, and 300, with the 860 standing in the spotlight as the flagship and most advanced model of the three, offering the highest standard for the most demanding of truckers. And, to provide you with the possibility of making this awesome truck feel truly yours after you get it in the game, we will include several different customization options for both the interior and exterior that will make you stand out wherever your journey will take you.

The interior and exterior customizations include:

  • 3 cabin types - Daycab (300), 740 Sleeper, 860 Sleeper
  • Trim options - Fleet, Standard, Touring, Limited
  • Steering wheel - standard, premium (with stitching)
  • Seats - cloth, vinyl, and leather in different colors
  • Floor mats - rubber, fabric
  • 10 different chassis types in total
  • several spots for accessory placement in the interior and over a hundred detailed options on the outside including new exclusive paint jobs

This truck is available with cutting-edge engine options that redefine performance. Offering a selection between the Volvo D13 engine, the Volvo D13 Turbo Compound engine, and the Cummins X15, you will always feel more than capable when conquering steep inclines or cruising effortlessly on the open road.

We’d like to thank Volvo Trucks North America for their cooperation with us on this project and we’re sure the members of their team would very much love to see your feedback in the form of videos or screenshots on social media. Once you get your hands on the truck, make sure to tag us (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and Volvo Trucks North America (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and we’ll make sure to share the best posts both in our internal channels and publicly via the accounts as well.

Once again, this addition comes as a free update and the new VNL is available at the nearest Volvo Trucks dealer in the game right now! So, check it out, customize it according to your personal preference, and set out on a journey across American Truck Simulator like never before.

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