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Check out the finished designs of the Flame Thrower Turret family to be featured in 2112TD.

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We're proud to showcase the flame thrower turret family tree which will be available in 2112TD.
We'd love to have your feedback on the designs.

Flame Thrower Turret - Level 1

The Flamethrower Turret Level 1 projects a fiery jet at its target, setting them on fire and burning them over time. All monsters that pass through the flame will be affected making it ideal for crowd control in close quarters combat.

Flame Thrower Turret - Level 2

The Flame Thrower Turret Level 2 benefits from a second gas canister and redesigned gas combustion chamber allowing for a more intense flame jet to be projected. The increase in pressure drives the flame further increasing the target range.

Flame Thrower Turret - Level 3

The Flame Thrower Turret Level 3 has been upgraded with a second rail providing even greater area of effect and damage output but with no additional range benefits.

High Intensity Flame Thrower Turret - Final Option 1

The High Intensity Flame Thrower Turret ignites and propels sticky napalm liquid through a single narrow barrel. It offers significantly more damage and increased range at a cost of reduced area of effect.

Flame Cannon Turret - Final Option 2

The Flame Cannon Turret offers superior area of effect damage projecting a blanket of flames at enemies. The broader area of effect comes at a cost of attack range.

Watch this page to keep up to date with the game development.

2112TD Home Page


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Ahh, Nice Nice designs :)

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Caatalyst Author
Caatalyst - - 15 comments

Thank you we appreciate your feedback!

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