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Universal Linux and Mac OS X builds of the Intelligent Design early access alpha are now available to download.

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I have had a number of requests to create Mac OS X and Linux builds of Intelligent Design. Using Unity3D I have compiled these builds and made them available on the store page. I have no way of testing these right now but wanted to give Unix based gamers a chance to play. Let me know if there are any problems, or if it works well.

Some shots from a long play through Screenshots of Alpha 6

Screenshots of Alpha 6 Screenshots of Alpha 6

Screenshots of Alpha 6 Screenshots of Alpha 6

Screenshots of Alpha 6

punk0x29a - - 618 comments

Haha, just played for a few minutes on Arch Linux.

This game is soo much fun! It's confusing at first, but when I realised that I'm a drone, I laughed for a first time. After watching some creatures chasing other creature down the mountains to eat it I was like: Blin! Like a wolf pack or something!

I like everything so far, except for two things:

1) Sound design should be your absolute priority. Where you can't beat it with graphics, make sure that the soundtrack to your game will be available on flac and hosted by the community for the years to come ;P That is: Make really good sound design.

2) The game is a bit too confusing at first. You should aid the player a bit by showing what you should click and when to do what, and only then stop hand-holding. I hope you understand what I mean. Think tutorial to "HomeWorld".

And that's basically it... One last thing I could mention is that HUD overlay is hardly visible on bright background. You should make it visible on all backgrounds, perhaps with some additional dark transparent background behind HUD icons/text?

All and all, good work!


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