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Kiyo is a new single player 2D platform adventure. Handcrafted from scratch by an AAA developer gone rogue and a visionary artist, it will offer a modern take on pixel art. Have a sneak peek at some of the gameplay and technical features that we are implementing, in this exclusive first article.

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In a world that will soon be radically changed by AI, extreme climate and influencers, we at Pixel Rats decided to take the last opportunity to make a new game the old way: fully human made, starting from the engine.
Kiyo's world is not so different from the real one. Dominated by billions of greedy bunnies, the planet is on the verge of collapse, and a bunch of once-wild-predators turned into city workers is the last hope.
Your duty as human player is to help Kiyo and his friends turn things around.

Sneak past guards

In the following video, Kiyo needs to sneak by a bunch of armed guards. What better way than tossing a beer bottle to distract them? (looks easier than it actually is!)

Light your way

Here we demonstrate shooting fire arrows to create a nice lit pathway, and then using the ninja rope to climb up to the ceiling. Lantern & cute shadow are also showcased at the end.

What's for dinner?

Sometimes, you'll be required to solve more mundane problems

Other Features

Kiyo's original soundtrack is being composed by an amazing freelance musician.
Moreover, specially crafted sound effects will play an important role for the stealth based gameplay mechanics: this is a game to play with both eyes and ears!

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