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Introducing Kamodo Steve: Janitor on Fire! Because sometimes crime doesn't flush the first time!

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Kamodo Steve: Janitor on Fire is a 2.5D platformer. The gameplay is a mixture of the fast shooting action of a retro side scroller like Contra with a visual style similar Borderlands minus the cell shading. The game includes various pickups, a coin collection system, wall jumping, wall shooting, boss battles, relentless enemy AI and checkpoints made in the Unreal Engine!

The overarching narrative is somewhat of a biography leaning heavily toward parts of my identity that were influenced by my brother. There are elements of humor and weirdness from the unlikely hero, Kamodo Steve. He works as a janitor in a local power plant in his hometown. He just moved back because he was laid off from his job as a physicist. One night, he stumbled onto an unidentified doorway in the power plant and discovered how the plant owners were creating chemicals that could do unspeakable things. More unspeakable than the cancer cases and other ailments. He was discovered by one of the plant security guards and now has to escape the power plant and figure out how he is going to stop the schemes of the plant owners.

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