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Behind the scenes: Creation of a rich, nonlooping and adaptive game soundtrack.

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Runic Rampage is a melee combat Action RPG with procedural generated replayable levels. A single looping music track per level is no good idea when the player is expected to replay the levels often. We came up with a music system that could adopt to the players progress in the levels.

The goal of each level in Runic Rampage is to find a chest and to defeats its keeper. The music should support the feeling of getting closer to the next boss. Checkout the gameplay video to listen to the system in action.

The music per level consists of multiple intensity layers. Each layer has lots of different short music chunks that are totally interchangeable.
The intensity layers are triggered by game parameters that reflect the progress in the level.

This way we made sure that the structure of the music is always different each time you play. Also the music will be able to support you in your individual way of playing the game.

The music system was implemented in fmod studio and integrated via the fmod sdk for unity.

Runic Rampage music and sound by SYNDRONE.

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That's definitely an interesting way of having the music play! :)

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Wtf with the warcraft 3 models... They look like the same, the troll axe and the orger.

Btw the game look good but the models could be a huge problem!

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RunicRampage Author

Hey, i apreciate your comment. Yes the models are inspirated by Warcraft3 but i created, textured and animated them all myself.. much likeness comes from low polycount and comic stylization

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I really like that 'likeness'. I hope those kind of comments won't demoralize you :)

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RunicRampage Author

Hehe, thanks for that :) ..well actually i see the comparison as a compliment of my work.

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