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This is a quick introduction to some post processing effects using our engine built from the ground up.

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I had a lot of fun the other day experimenting with post-processing effects, so I made a video to show how they look in action, and to explain how some of them work. While they are fun to play with, we will probably focus on them last — we want to make sure that Overgrowth looks great even without post-processing!


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Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

..I wonder if this engine was built from the ground up or from scratch. 5% of your news posts fail to mention this :/.

"Built from the Ground Up" Drinking game :D

That aside. Thanks for a neat vid.

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jeffr Author
jeffr - - 383 comments

Hehe, building the engine from the ground up is by far the most risky and difficult thing we decided to do, so I'm definitely going to be pointing out that Overgrowth is using a 100% custom tailored, original engine every chance I get. ;)

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Jam3s007 - - 1,217 comments

They built Lugaru from the ground up, so they either started a new engine or just continued building from where they left off.

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jeffr Author
jeffr - - 383 comments

Nah, the Lugaru engine was put to rest. This is 100% new.

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INtense! Staff
INtense! - - 4,098 comments

I'm 99.99% certain it is a brand new engine built from scratch. My question is, how do you have time to both create these videos, post blogs (all of which takes big chunks of time i'm assuming) and still find the time to develop your game with such a small team?

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jeffr Author
jeffr - - 383 comments

I would say that one of us spends one to two hours per day making videos / blogging. Luckily we have five people and we all chip in, so that is not as much time as it sounds. Given that we work 7 days a week, pretty much 24/7, it's not a big time sink. ;)

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Intense - I think they must be clones or rabbitmen themselves! I never understand how this team operates, but I surely wish them to be successful and I'll definately buy this game for it's modding capabilities - always the best reason to buy a game, for me.

The whole rabbit of war game doesn't appeal that much to me, yet. I think I need to see more actual gameplay and understand what this is. To me it looks like an adventure game, however it's supposedly FPS with a couple of rides and puzzles.

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Jam3s007 - - 1,217 comments

Lugaru is free now, at least it was for me on the christmas giveaway thing. Just play Lugaru or look up some vids on youtube to see what the gameplay will resemble.

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z33ky - - 112 comments

Looking good.
You should try to filter out the dark pixels before blurring on the bloom-shader, so that this way only the light gets bloomed :)

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PierreOfTheFrench - - 320 comments

Looks really nice, engine keeps looking better and better. Keep up the great work.

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Jackson97 - - 92 comments

Looks cool,really good engine

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Aimforthehead - - 274 comments

Nice! Are you going to have a customizable (or non) particle effects? Would be interesting to add in dynamic tornadoes and storms and gusts (maybe even affect the player?) just a thought :)

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sauerfreak - - 243 comments

Very nice! It's good to see that you explained how you achieved the various effects instead of just saying, "Oh, look how cool our bloom is." Keep it up!

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nubblecakes - - 114 comments

You guy should totally try implementing dynamic volumetric light, like sunrays and godrays. That would be awesome. I'm not sure if that's really post-processing though...

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rokko211 - - 10 comments

Bloom is hardly next-gen, but this looks pretty good.

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chris_sloany - - 2,830 comments

great job. the DOE loks great!! the bloom is a little too much though, maybe lower it a little. then again u said this wasnt a major things. but just some suggestions. Looks nice overall.

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Eagle0600 - - 17 comments

They do actually mention that the bloom is exaggerated for demonstration. They say it quite clearly, in-fact.

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