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Dyson has been going for a while so I thought to share some interviews and background story that shows how we have been progressing so far.

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There is plenty to post on Dyson but I thought it would help if I get the ModDB corner up to date by showing some interviews that we have done on Dyson and point at an early development diary that explains some of the background and goals of the game.

Recent interviews with myself and Alex on TigSource:
My bad grammar is exposed, Alex did an excellent interview imo.
A quote:

Leigh wrote: Dyson was an entry to the TIGSource procedural generation competition. We made the first version of the game in 1 month, and got second place! \o/ Everything worked out really well, we loved the way we worked together, the game was showing real promise, and we were onto something with the procedural elements and the minimalist design, so we have been developing it since. First a much bigger and better version for the IGF, on the basis of which we were nominated for a number of awards, and since then we are working on a full commercial version.

Here is an interview with the lovely people at Tunasnax:
Tunasnax interview
Those people are ace, amongst other things they are developing a platform game using claymation! o_0

And here is a blog post on our forum that tells a bit abot the design inspirations for the game. Dammit it is hard to make theorhetical physics sound engaging ;-)
See for yourself!

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